About us

A new brand: Stronghold

MSK is over 25 years an understanding in the eyeletting industry. From our knowledge and experience we recently launched the new brand Stronghold. Stronghold offers eyelets and eyelettingmachines that are precisely matched. This is unique in the industry. We have with Stronghold quickly aroused the interest and enthusiasm of a large number of different customers. The combination of eyelet and eyelettingmachine under one denominator appears to be a vast improvement on various applications.

Our vision

We always go out of the combination eyelet and eyelettingmachine. We provide a sharp tuning eyelet and machine alike. This makes your production runs smoothly and makes the potential for interference is very small. Moreover, the eyelets and washers are with precision manufactured and finished in a modern factory in Europe, so there are hardly any tolerances. Stronghold has its own technical department and workshop for maintenance, overhaul, modifications, specials and troubleshooting, by telephone or on site. we can also provide training for your employees.