The past 2 years have been surprising; where everyone expected a crisis, the prices of raw materials were skyrocketed. We now have a steel grommet (as an alternative to Brass-nickelplated) that has had a special treatment, which allows us to give a 12 month guarantee against rust. This grommet is about 40% cheaper than the Brass-nickelplated quality. Other major advantages are that the grommets are easier to recycle because steel is magnetic and the grommets do not stain. We have tested this quality for more than 2 years, and we already supply this product with great success to a number of reputable companies.
Air Table -19 February 2018
For easy transport of your cover/banner when punching the eyelets and/or welding the cover/banner, we have an Air Table in our collection that is produced at desired dimensions.
A growing clientele -11 September 2017
...many customers already use Stronghold eyelets. Better quality and good service.
New type of eyelet -22 February 2017
New and extreme suitable for the European market are the Stronghold eyelets. Available in various qualities and colours, shapes and sizes ....
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