Frequently Asked Questions

Wave formation - What causes wrinkling by setting the eyelets?
Stronghold: The hole is not made properly or the shape of the eyelet and / or washer is not good; a Stronghold product doesn’t cause wrinkles

Shape – Is the shape of the eyelet and washer important?
Stronghold: Yes, the shape determines how tight the eyelet and washer is set in the material, which might affect the folds. It also determines whether a good or bad flow in the channels of an automatic eyeletting machine. When the shape is not correct, the eyelet can tear open at the bottom. Therefore, the shape of the eyelet for Stronghold is very important.

Quality - Why are Stronghold products better?
Stronghold: Both eyelets and machines are produced to our specifications and therefore they adapt perfectly to each other.
This gives a perfect end result and makes sure that the probability of damaged eyelets in the material is very small.

Existing machine - I already have a machine, can I still use Stronghold eyelets ?
Stronghold: This is possible, it requires a (small) modification.

Several layers of material - Will Stronghold eyelets go through different layers and types of material?
Stronghold: Yes, in cooperation with the eyelet and the machine that punches the hole, it goes very well through multiple layers of material. Our machines can set eyelets in PVC, paper, leather, textile , etcetera

Remove – Are Stronghold eyelets easy to remove?
Stronghold: They are designed for permanent fixing and engage themselves firmly in the material. The eyelet is seamed ,therefore it is not easy to remove.

Material eyelet - Why are eyelets of brass or stainless steel better than steel?
Stronghold: steel can rust, even if it is plated or galvanized, certainly for outdoor use. The price of steel eyelets is lower, which makes it more attractive in some applications. We advise you to consider your choice with your application in mind. Our plastic eyelets often give a nice and solid solution definitely worth a try.

One-time production -We only have to place a single order for eyelets, what is possible?
Stronghold: If you have only a few or for a short period many rings to place, there are several other options; like renting a machine and even rent a machine and the workplace. We can also perform this task for you.

Rent Machine - Can I rent the machine?
Stronghold: Yes, you can rent the machine, it can be brought and after use can be retrieved. You can also execute an order with us on our machines, so therefore you rent the machine and a part of the workshop for a certain period and saved among others in transportation.

Lease- Is it an option to lease a machine?
Stronghold: yes, leasing a Stronghold eyeletting machine is possible, the eyelets you have to buy off course. Both operational- and financial lease as hire purchase is an option ..

Implementation by Stronghold – can you also set our eyelets?
Stronghold: You can also contact us to make a finished product. We can, beside setting eyelets, cut belt, woven tape, Velcro, zipper and cord for you, maximum width 95 mm., in any length, both hot and cold cutting.