SH 20 (Ø 20 MM)

A: 33,50 mm B: 20,00 mm C: 9,50 mm
Price per 1,000 pieces Eyelet + Washer
Order quantity per box: 5,000 pieces
Request a quotation from 10,000 pieces.
This product has a minimum quantity of 5

StrongHold Eyelets, also named Grommets, are manufactured in Europe and are of a very high quality. Both the eyelet and the washer are shaped so that they give a better grip and no wrinkling in the material where they will be put in. In addition, the form results good supply in an Eyelettingmachine. The result of the eyelet and washer is substantially identical on both sides of the material and thereby nicely finished on both sides. The washer is a standard neckwasher but you can also choose for a toothwasher. Both washers are suitable for manual-, semi automatic- and full automatic Eyelettingmachines.


These eyelets are widely used for, among others: technical confection, sailmakers, signmaking, nets and other industrial applications.

The eyelets are available in various sizes and materials. The choice of the base material is dependent on the application: for outside application brass, stainless steel, zinc-nickel and alu-zinc will be a better base than iron because of the possibility of rust. We also have a beautiful and very usable plastic line, environment friendly as these are recyclable.


Available in packages per 5,000 pieces.

For other numbers you can submit a request through our inquiry form.