StrongHold AE2540

The machine is suitable for eyelets of 25 to 40mm. Electric process.

This machine is suitable for eyelets of 25 and 40mm.. Electric process.

The Stronghold AE2540 is an electrical Eyelettingmachine. This automatic press makes the hole and places the eyelet in one operation. The machine is suitable for eyelets of 25 and 40mm.

StrongHold Eyelettingmachines are manufactured in Europe. The machine has a steel frame (not cast iron) and is built very solidly with hardened components. The machine is equipped with depth and length guide. The workable materials are: PVC, textiles, leather, etc..


Technical specifications:


Operation             : electric with foot pedal

Capacity               : 1500 eyelets per hour

Weight                         : 350 kg

Electrical connection        : 230V / 1Phase, 2KW

Compressed air    : 4 BAR 50 ltr./min.

Dimensions          : H200 x W90 x D90 cm

Working Depth      : 15 cm

Dies                     : included

Options                : SH Laser pointer, SH LED light, SH Stainless steel guide table

CE                       : approved with finger protection